Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winner of the Best Dang Backyard Sled Hill goes to Nate & Me!

Nate and I have the raddest sledding hill in our backyard. Our lot has a good deal of woods around it and we built the sledding hill from the leach field, through the trees, then up over a little creak (that you can't tell is a creak with enough snow) and up over a little hill to the driveway behind our house. If you get going really good, you can go a good ways down the driveway too... I'm declaring it the BEST DANG BACKYARD SLEDDING HILL! and next year, when the snow begins to fall again, I'm positive we would win for the best backyard sledding hill contest... who's on???

Check out the videos... sorry for the raspy breathing... I tend to be stuffed up most of the winter...

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